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Aliveness Cycling is fuelled by an excitement for life and endless curiosity for our world.

We set the stage, so you may have more meaningful experiences during your next cycling vacation. 
We are here to help—you score the goal!

Aliveness Cycling
Six Keystones of Meaningful Adventures


Cycling. Being in the flow, feeling our heartbeat and breath, generating movement with our own body. We always welcome a physical challenge. Yet we know that we have nothing to prove to anybody but ourselves.


Our roots and home for millions of years. Beautiful, delicate, calming, powerful and violent—altogether awe-inspiring. We respect nature and aim to heal, rather than harm with our travels.


A touch of intellectual stimulation makes each tour so much more exciting. Science is a human's pinhole camera to reality. We invite local scientists to open our minds to our surroundings.


The group experience carries everyone through the ups and downs of an adventure. We foster a collegial, playful atmosphere where everyone is respected and encouraged to be themselves.


Our tours are not a gated community on wheels. We connect with locals, stay in nice hotels that are not excessively expensive, and choose adventure and real-world experiences over luxury.


We travel in mixed groups with guests from different countries. This is much more fun and helps everyone open up and burst cultural bubbles. No worries, we are accustomed to building bridges.

Aliveness Cycling Team


The world is our playground! Create, build, have fun with it.

Fangye picked up road cycling in 2018. She has been always fascinated by the efficiency of cycling and she enjoys gliding through curves.

It has been a gift for her to get to know cool people and their life stories through Aliveness Cycling. Travelling with clients and exchanging ideas through conversations expand the horizon of her world.

Her passion has always been to alleviate misunderstanding between humans from various backgrounds. As a bridge between oriental and western culture, she aims to connect people through travel expereince. “There is a huge potential  to develop our mind and creativity once we start to understand the wisdom from all other places which are strange to us.”

She holds Erasmus Mundus European Master in Tourism Management, through which she had opportunities to live in Denmark, Slovenia, Spain and Germany. She left China to study in Europe when she was 23, since then she has identified herself as a global citizen.


Dare to challenge—Aim to respect.

Dirk Guennemann Aliveness CyclingDirk loved bikes from when he was a young boy: Hop on the bike, play, discover new places and expand your horizon. Little has changed.

Dirk holds three passports: Canadian, Chilean and German. But, much of his heart was influenced by Japan, where he lived for five years and bought his first real road bike at the age of 16. “Take away just one tiny part, and it will stop functioning” he marveled at the minimalism of the bike. He soon combined his love for cycling with his passion for travel, attaching a light bike rack to his road bike and extending the minimalist approach to the luggage he took along. Like this, over the next decade, Dirk visited much of Japan, Hokkaido, New England, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, California, Washington, the Alps, the Pyrenees, and eventually: Girona.

Dirk studied Communications and Politics in Boston, USA and later Economics. For a few years, he worked as an economic journalist specializing in Corporate Governance and Banking Supervision. In 2003 he moved to Spain, founded Canigou Cycling, and worked in event management, organizing incentives and launches for a German luxury sportscar maker.

From 2005 till 2017 Dirk taught as Associate Professor at the University of Girona. There he developed a course on Entrepreneurship and Customer Management for Master students of tourism, bringing the then-new Start-Up thinking into the tourism sector. Dirk is passionate about teaching and even more, he loves to teach students about what he learns and practices in his own business.

In 2014 Dirk was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the outlook was grim: Wheelchair within 8 years and downhill from there. No cure. From the first moment in the doctor’s office, Dirk embraced his disease and learned from it. With the help of meditation, which he had picked up decades earlier in Japan, and the program Overcoming MS, he overcame the disease. Today Dirk is completely symptom-free.

Fangye and Dirk married in 2018 and together they build Aliveness Cycling.  

We live close to Girona in the medieval village Pals

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Canigou Cycling S.L.

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Canigou Cycling is a registered Travel Agency since 2003
License number: GC-001872

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