Here we have collected a few questions and answers that will give you a better idea how things work and if this is the right kind of tour for you.

The Aliveness Cycling stage-tours are designed for ambitious hobby road-cyclists who enjoy cycling in small groups on grand roads. We approach the challenge gradually, allow for ample rest and always foster a good team spirit. Everyone cycles at their own pace. Speeders, who place no value on the enjoyment of scenery or culture, might be better served elsewhere.

Welcome! You are in good company here. Our tours are a significant challenge for most participants. Having a healthy respect for what lies ahead is the best starting point.

You do not need to be concerned about being out of place and surrounded by wannabe racers. We foster a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Everybody is here to have fun.

If you are still unsure, please get in touch with us. We can send you more detailed profiles and arrange to talk on the phone to give you a better understanding of what to expect.

In order to fully enjoy the tour it is important to come with a sufficient level of preparation. Please start by consulting your physician to ensure that it is ok for you to engage in this kind of physical activity. Then plan to cycle no less than 2000km (1200mi) in the four months preceding the tour. Setting a few realistic interim goals is a good way to ensure smooth progression. Cycling fast is not necessary. However, you should include some training in the hills/mountains.
To prepare well and efficiently, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of what kind of training your body needs and how to avoid overtraining. If you haven’t done so already, it might be a good idea to read a few articles or a book on how to build your form. Most of all, keep it simple, do some training continuously and enjoy.

Yes, our tours are designed to give you the freedom to always cycle at your own pace. Equipped with a GPS you will always know where you are and which way to go. You do not need to worry about finding your way or about staying with a group. You just cycle at your pace and enjoy. We will take care of everything else.

This opens up many options. You may cycle together with others and enjoy the company. You may speed up when you feel strong and want to challenge yourself. Or, you may take your time and stop to take some photos of the breathtaking scenery. The tour is what you make it.

Yes, that is what most participants choose to do. Those who enjoy it cycle together in informal groups. However, there is no need to cycle in a group. Also, you can leave or join a group at any time.

We foster a collegial, non-intimidating atmosphere and aim to make everyone feel welcome and part of the group. Participants come from many parts of the world and sharing this diversity enriches everyone’s experience. This is distinctly different from booking with a tour operator who serves customers solely from one country. We speak English, German, Spanish, and Mandarin.

A rental GPS is included in the price and there will be a GPS workshop before the tour. It is surprisingly easy and intuitive. If you are bringing your own GPS we will transfer the route to your device.

You will receive a route card for each stage. Here you will find a profile, a basic map, information about climbs, coffee stops, sights along the way, and where the Aliveness Cycling support van will be awaiting you.

Independent of your speed you will receive our full support.

We have support stations and mobile support to assist you.

Each day there are several predetermined support stations where an Aliveness Cycling support van awaits you. Usually these spots are located on the highest cols of the day. Here we serve snacks and refreshments for you to replenish your energy. These snacks are included in the tour price. This is also where you will have access to your day pack. There is no need to wait for other cyclists to arrive—you can stay as short or as long as you like.

Our support is not limited to these stations. An additional support car is patrolling the route and available in case need be.

Are you having a rough day? No problem, we’ve got you covered!
We are always happy for cyclists to join us in the support car. We have lots of fun and this way you have the chance to enjoy the tour from a different perspective. It is possible to hop in at a short notice, at a previously arranged location, or for complete stages.

We specialize in road cycling in the Pyrenees and the Girona region and we have been doing this for over fifteen years. We live and cycle in this area and know the routes and accommodations very well. Every year before the first tour we go on an extensive recognisance tour to guarantee best possible road conditions and make modifications if necessary.

Expect to be cycling in mostly perfect conditions. The Pyrenees are a southern mountain region with a Mediterranean climate and markedly warmer and more stable weather conditions than the Alps. The dates for the Pyrenees Tours are chosen to coincide with the best possible weather. In the rare case of a rain day we offer the possibility to skip the stage and be shuttled from one hotel to the next.

Bring several short cycling kits, your helmet and your cycling shoes. On most days this should be sufficient. However, we are cycling through a mountainous region and weather conditions can change quickly. You should bring additional gear for long, possibly cool descents and low visibility. We recommend having lights on your bike at all times. You will receive a detailed list with packing recommendations about 6 weeks before the tour.

We cycle a maximum of three consecutive stages before taking a day off. The rest day is ideal to replenish your body and give it the rest it deserves. Behind the scenes your body is working extra hard on those rest days to adapt to the tough cycling.

This is a perfect moment to explore the town, find some nice souvenirs, read a book or maintain your bike. On some tours we organize an excursion to a historical or cultural sight (additional fees will apply). A laundry service for your cycling kits is provided during the rest day. For those who prefer active recovery we have further cycling routes prepared.

We stay in small, well kept, clean hotels rated between 2 and 4 stars. Expect authentic charm with few luxuries. We have a long standing relationship with these hotels and one of the most important criteria in selecting a hotel is that they serve good meals. We know that good sleep and good food are very important components of an enjoyable cycling adventure.

We enjoy eating local cuisine as this is fresh, healthy, and tasty. For most dinners you will have a choice of meat or fish as the main course. Additionally vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free meals can be arranged (if you require such, please specify this in your booking). As we are in southern Europe, expect dinners to be rather late after 7:30pm.

For breakfast the hotels usually serve bread, marmalade, cheese, cold cuts, fruits, cereals and yoghurt. In addition we bring a non-sweetened whole grain muesli and soy milk to complete the breakfast.

There is no minimum number of participants required. So, the tours take place for sure. The only exception to this would be some kind of highly unlikely event such as an extreme weather event. Usually the tours are fully booked quickly, so we recommend early booking.

We recommend an early booking, as the tours are usually fully booked quickly. You can book the tour with a simple email request. We will reply within 48 hours.

For further information and for bookings, please fill in our booking request form.

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